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Current Map : Surefall
Last Updated : July 31st 2001
Latest News : Will be moving soon, so it was good timing that I finished Surefall. Now I'm working on a better cleaner website design... how's it look now?
I'm new at this tables business, so if anyone is interested in teaching me, please let me know. ... hehe, I can do map design but I can't design a web page, how odd! =D
-- BETA updated in beta section --
(Took down Venice for new beta map)

Maps by WWAZman
(in order of date  made)
thumbnail of Cubicle
February 2001
My first map, this primarily stated that I halfway knew what I was doing. It was supposed to be for those stressed out in the office, now being able to go blasting up things...kinda works, but doesn't look like an office. There were two versions, which I deleted the first one, and added to it, making this one, v2, the final one.
thumbnail of the Broken Holodeck
CTF_Broken Holodeck
February/March 2001
My first REALLY big project. I initially started with just a plain big open area and a couple experimental islands, and suddenly it just started blossoming on it's own. Then suddenly I got lava working, so I worked on it, and out came the broken holodeck! A lot of fun to make.

April 2001
As you go around these corridors, you find something familiar,...it's Cubicle! Actually, it is..FOUR TIMES OVER! I literally copied the map of Cubicle over and over, turning sections around, and matching them to make a much much bigger map. I then retextuerd the whole map in Mario textures. Originally I was going to redo Bob-Omb Island from Mario 64, but at the time found it way too difficult, so I just made the textures. I found out midway through that someone did a Mario's Palace from Mario 64.
Thumbnail of Salem
May 2001
This one I started while homesick in Oregon.
I started with the bridge, and then the lamp posts, which didn't make it to final, and the the streets. This one took me the longest, because due to a crash midway through, I lost my map, and tried to re-bsp it. it was a fake map, and had lost all the curves and textures. I eventually had to start over from a earlier map copy backup, and retexture most of it, also getting permission from Mike Kupfer of DANGERCITY, to use his textures. So you WILL need DANGERCITY installed properly, or you won't see this one correctly.

May 2001
Still wanting to have done Mario's level, and having been denied, I resorted to yet another longing I had, although I never really liked Pacman in reality! hehe. I did this simply for nostalgia and FUN. One thing that still boggles me is why one port double ports you in this map? Never could figure it out, but everything else works great, so go figure. This maze is exact. I looked at it from a picture of the maze, and everything is where it should be (give or take a foot or two)

May 2001
This is my first EverQuest map. Done solely by memory and a few jpg's from websites, I drew this one in about a week. I had actually started on it in February, but had been unable to get the looks right, plus had not yet found about about skyboxes, and was trying to light it with lights. UGH!!! what a task! (500+ lights) I did finally get to look at the live version and correct a few flaws. Someday I may have an additional version to this one. =D

May/June 2001
This one I think was my biggest flop. I knew it would be large, but when I had done my testing it seemed everything was working smoothly. Unfortunately, in Net conditions, it doesn't seem to perform very well. Try it with high end cards AND connections, and see if it fares well then, otherwise, I think the water, being so large, slows it down. Otherwise, I think it's a great map to literally get lost in! Lots of stuff to find, hard to find the enemy flag!

June/July 2001
My latest and most proud map! I started this while pining for Everquest, which I still did not have the money for at the time, but I did have the memory! So I started recreating this, taking snapshots as I could from stills. Halfway through it, my friend reactivated my account and WHAM!!! I took off, ignoring all things Elite Force...which is why it took me so long to get it done. I initially had the basic concept done in a week, but not all the textures or buildings. Now it is done, with bears, Corun Finisc shouting about the bears, and all the guilds, (no npc's) all waiting to have someone come to them for their services. Go to the Druid guild for a SoW and Levitate. Go to the Jaggedpine Lodge and the Ranger Lodge for Power!
Venture into the cave and fight the fearsome Mammoth the Grizzly Bear!
Find the hidden walls and ledges by shooting everything in sight. Look high and low for items in delight!
Maps by Eric Sahlstrom copyright 2001
Some maps have specialized texture sets or shaders, please see individual readme's for details. 
Map (.map) files are available by request, at   wwazman@hotmail.com